Competitive Analysis

No similar product in the marketplace for VC's and technology investors.

A true gem

Our competitive analysis - not offered anywhere else in the marketplace - can prevent an investment that has a potential for big loss, highlight an investment that has great value, and remedy problems in companies where basic changes may help significantly in innovation. Some highlights of our packages include:

Identifying roadblocks: We can see what is there that you might not be able to.

Quantifying competition:
We can quantify some of the competition in size that is not obvious to the eye or in other given reports.

Innovation index: *
Proprietary model based on working with Apple, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, SAP, Mastercard, and NXP Semiconductors. We can compare your current innovation abilities to the market and see where you fall or the (company in assessment) under the added value model index.

Technology fundamental analysis:
 Identify work done / work to be done (assessment of viability). We can compare the marketplace capabilities to vast experience in comparison to companies like Apple, Cisco, and SAP.

Innovation modifier
(stage 2): * When a company is lacking in innovation we can come in and make recommendations to create more innovation and generate more IP to compete with the marketplace.

Identifying hidden competitors.